god moves at the speed of my name

By | 5 December 2019

in vacuum know words to praise god
cant explain love letters 2
god of no one else god mother
i tongue i light fallen far from
patriarch and fist just wait til
i learn my language my logic
sans rules men rules men writing their
godbooks lying by omission
nur nour noor and nowhere my name

shops on 52nd street
men who see me give me sweet
oils incense tafaddalu
me as offering all belly
dance skirts mine! they rehip me,
they hear me! hear me and the
women stop pretending they
dont see me fear me unknow
me love me. ukhti me my
eye on wrist a talisman

light is my bismillah
though i ameen elsewhere.
no english, no nigglish
nonpronouned but i speak
not cantonese. kill my
tongue a spectacle, mine
the body gawked. stubborn,
i stare back. i know god
made me black. but god, how
do i find my black words

which unlit language
still meandering
streetlights signals which
home? was i born in?
overwhelmed my mind
with these new neural
pathways, lit up like
some false third eye glow.
im all babel god
how am i still lost

all wor_ds allah
rules over by
habit: god is
a virgo and
will nitpick at
the apocalypse.
hence im stuck here
with these muslim
aunties 3ammos

lonely trek
within me
allah is
the long walk
the unlit
path if i
only could
find god i
might could speak

you see?
where i
whose are
and what
does that
tell you?

. or


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