Soliloquy to a friend/Shake the baby

By | 3 February 2024

Soliloquy to a friend

I cottage cheese on the side of your face
crackhead on a train cricket in a plant vase in a shopping mall,
you told your therapist about me

the mycelium. that feeling grows back when it rains

toothbrushes are microplastics that go in your mouth
the fluoride tastes like wine I’d eat credit cards
to make you love me I can’t love myself

if I’m James Dean where’s Audrey Hepburn?
if I’m Pete Wentz be my Best Buy parking lot

dead dove do not eat this cruel and unusual reality

I was crying on a Five Dock table
she abandoned me the way a horse kicks away a still wet foal showing weakness
to Ladybird out of moving cars completely unstable

Daddy, why do you always side with Mommy?

dead dove do not eat this cruel and unusual reality

who hurt you so that I’m hurt by your hurt more than you are by mine
when I look at your face it is like it is my face
I forget whether you hurt me or I hurt you

it’s midnight. you’re typing from my message requests
and I think of the time I put salt on a slug and it screamed

Shake the baby

I want to smash your head against the wall
red drip running down a red brick wall
so your brain for the first time touches
something outside your thoughts
comes out of its shell and feels
the wind
the brick
my fingers stroking it

press my forehead against yours
barely half an inch of cartilage
aching spring forth
from two half-baked pre frontal cortex the
one aching thought
between us

handshake your brainstem
what lucid dreams would you have
of what no one has ever seen before

spirals a croissant on a cat’s back
are the same stripes on a slug

see into your incarnation
travelling shockingly far
across the kitchen floor

breathe with one right nostril

I’m sorry that I stepped on you tread on you
leaving entrails on the kitchen floor

a speech act is the saying that’s the doing
it’s not the same if I tell you
the asking is what’s between us

I won’t apologise, you wouldn’t stop crying
– I won’t forget what she said to me

eating winter game so lean your own body fat digests the protein
rabbit starvation – that offal that offering

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