Mansfield Bar

By | 3 February 2024

I never gave Jayne two thoughts
until she didn’t save me from sliding under
an eighteen-wheeler, just a man with a name
like mine said fast on the radio, famous

enough the calls wouldn’t stop. You can’t act
except on the chances you get. She got by
with what she had, old-school va-va-va-voom,
“Here they are” how Jack Paar welcomed her

on The Tonight Show, some people less
than the sum of their parts, a handful
of passable films and one spectacular
wreck on leaving a Biloxi dive.

Some roles one doesn’t walk away from.
She inspired steel not silicone, the world,
as audiences go, arbitrary
as the gods, endowed too late with mercy,

transforming the object
of their attention into a tree, a bird,
a star, any impact pure coincidence,
like a collision or meeting someone.

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