The Physics of Self

By | 1 April 2019

Quantum entanglement posits
That two or more objects may
Exist in reference to one another,
Regardless of space & time.

my doctor calls it complex post-traumatic stress disorder
says disassociation instead of liberation
says flashback instead of memory
says then instead of now, here, always

Every me is tired.


“I don’t want to do this Khalto”
“Can you believe this girl?
you are here,
Surrounded by Possibilities.

And baby girl
a Possibility isn’t something you, having had, throw away.
It’s a fruit, bite in, swallow the flesh and the rind, the complete bittersweet experience.
Why do you wear your sorrow like a chain?
always stopping just before the finish line…”


that wave function duality
Schrödinger’s health,
unseen, unacknowledged.
Ubiquitous repression of worldly cruelties
You turn to a friend and say:

fam, I’ve got a joke for you
when do you know a black woman is struggling?
She Laughs
at her funeral of course

There are eulogies encoded into your DNA,
trauma has no time limit and recovery is a myth.


Wellness maybe choice
but access is a myth.
the punishment must fit the crime,
the audacity of demanding life.
After all,
human rights are a lie
applying to those we see human

Never Forget
health care systems are war zones too.


Once a psychologist told me that I was trapped in a cage of my own memories.
To leave the past in the past and focus on the here and now.
Some wars have no borders, they obey no time zones

Now, here, Always.
Every me is fighting.

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