Poetry Editorial: Jill Jones

A sequence of 57 new poems selected by Jill Jones:

I do want it
by Emilie Collyer
We Are Here
by Joseph Baron-Pravda
by Komninos Zervos
The Fire That Baba Threw
by Alice Melike Ülgezer
The Need Feed
by Crixus
My Autopsy
by Sara Moss
My Old Amish Grampa
by Jamison C. Lee
The Simple Life
by Ian Gibbins
Recipes for the Disaster
by Gareth Jenkins
Trouble Shooter
by Pascalle Burton
Dream Machines
by Sean M. Whelan
Electronica Spoken Word Mix
by David Prater and Jill Jones
Program Summer;
by Chris Oakey
Another Mouthwash Day
by Susan Adams
by Kevin Gillam
Last Hole
by Paul Giles
Stained Glass
by Helen Symonds
by Benjamin Laird
The Freedom Fighter
by Misbah Wolf
Where o where
by W M Lewis
Organ Charms
by Jessica Bell
Iseult to Tristan
by Danijela Kambaskovic-Sawers
by Derek Motion
nothing left in
by Benjamin Laird
by Michael Farrell
by Joyce Parkes
Animal Light
by Angela Gardner
We Are Called
by Angela Gardner
mixtape (sub-version):
by Eddie Paterson
Et Tu
by Joshua Mei-Ling Dubrau
sonata forms back
by Sam Langer
Elements, Afternoon
by Sam Langer
The Lexican’t
by Louise Molloy
TV Life
by Konrad McCarthy
Mascon, Mañana
by Joyce Parkes
Blue Light
by Mark O'Flynn
Returning to the Return*
by Jenny Powell
Stain, guilt
by Gemma Mahadeo
Twelve Tones
by Jenny Powell
Two Emails to Anne Boyer
by Rory Dufficy
Valparaíso and Tourist
by Stuart Cooke
Folio #14
by Anne Gorrick
Branching: Branch Branch
by Jason Nelson
[from] love is a muscle (an e.p.
by Scott-Patrick Mitchell
The Esper Machine
by Frances Horne
Listen, he said.
by Christopher Brew
Childhood Trauma
by Greg McLaren
The Phenomenon of Luminosity
by Phillip A. Ellis
Iodine Songbirds
by Mark O'Flynn
Free Music
by Jessica L Wilkinson
Pressing the arm
by Christopher Brew
Four Cutups from MBC
by Maxine Beneba Clarke


Released: 1 December 2011