Stained Glass

By | 1 December 2011

they descend in their flight like falling
conformity      confirmand      confetti
getting caught in your
Hail Mary        hahnium          hair
                   if         you peered             at their

ballade             bollocks           balletic
stillness you would swear
they were holding their
bream              breather           breath

in         the                   glass
dolomite       dollar mark              dome
where the spread
and rubber greens

swarf             sweat sock         sweat
the noise rush &
factory floor    faience
to a brilliant murmur
look in the glare
of sunlight                               for that
stained glass effect
navy with dark veins
rests on information
planning permission         plasterboard
of another breed

assortment of tiny colours
people on high
bdellium         beams    beans
beaks                             beads
blind eyes on branches

nearby                                    keep still        to
revere              sequinned          be ings
seem                                      to    watch you


make the mistake
of  moving             the
tram     tramp    trance
is broken          you


they float         away.

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