By | 25 June 2023

i get up
perform my alienations

the city
more like a carbolic pit. more like
the ruling of rackets
appointments, errands, bills, emails,
and witnessings contiguous

not sure what to do with myself today
guess i’ll go to the street
who will read me?
the leaves of May vermilion are out
to blind me

kind regards, warm regards, cordially, yours sincerely, please don’t
hesitate to contact me
if you have any questions

i’ve taken to conversations with myself
in the quiet fumaroles
i’ve taken to get-rich-quick schemes
self-aestheticising speech
monologue as dialogue dialogue as monologue
vertical thinking and the last enemy of
dreamful sleep

day year year day
the same disconsolate anomie
the same peptic work
the same pathological agitation

which alley to wander through?
dead? able to breathe?
by the force of aphasia and trismus
i cleave to words
in my silent vennel
i weave divine solitudes

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