the infinity of the other

By | 7 October 2021

I listen at the shore
of your breathing

you end where
I can not begin &

I begin where
you never end

where do I return to
when I am returning from myself

does my presence
disrupt the past

an occupation of land is
an occupation of language

violence is legislated
in our ways of

and not being seen

that which is made
invisible in a name

translating the infinite
into this finite

history. leaving us
in the bones of someone else’s empire

you speak of raising awareness
but I speak to raise the dead

the body displaced

with nowhere to haunt
but itself

scratching for that piece
of eternity in your undying mouth

the names we speak back into life
when we return

when we slide under history’s door
see(th)ing through the cracks of this broken language

this un-writing will
not stop where language ends

this un-settling will
never settle

this dispossession will return
to possess you

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