By | 1 February 2014

I dreamt the firewall debate only engendered slews of new language until the O.E.D. could no longer keep up with the scientific lingo being born daily, hourly, by the minute and second. Subsubatomic particles beyond Leptons, neutrinos, the Higgs Bosons, Cherenkov detectors and particulates of spooky matter meant to be quantum post-post pre-octanic subor or postorganic space rooting in the rayites of bits of bundles of blotchers needing names for whatever that green goo was or could be a line crossing an advanced version of a nuclear electroinstascope—but then even those words were brought into doubts by SoupCanning Maldacena theories of particulate redirections. Translators, linguists and theorists alike were collapsing from exhaustion, servers and backup generators were being fried, bundles of wires in and out of cerebral cortexes were called into question until there was nothing left to do but unplug it all, go dark, pause, wait, sleep.


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