How to Make Whips

By | 1 November 2017

Take skin
fold, rub and hold it.
Plaiting across and down
the spine, the legs.
Left to right.
Tighten the plait occasionally, if needed.
Bring all out into an open space, trees,
sound of a creek,
dawn birds.

Pull skin tight again
and oiling with dubbin or equivalent
lengthen the plait by introducing new elements
teeth scored along the surface
hair wrapped around fingers.
Stretch the plait until a circular arrangement of skin/leather
strands take shape.
Your whip is formed around the idea of a body.

In out/back places make long wide stories accumulate breath and reason
tyre tracks, tea breaks, heat, heat.
Into your whip build silence
fingers on clavicular space, open eyes to whip.

Hang whip where it will appear as natural.
Touch keeps your whip supple
passing sweat from your hands onto the surface
keep ready the possibility of whip return as you flick and crack beaten path of whip.
Between and lying beside us, hanging down to remind.
Whip is whip.
Your whip should soon be ready, your plait tight yet flexible.
The tone of it better with age and use.
Take care of your whip, use it sparingly.
Allow the aesthetics of whip to play out, cut on cut.
The immediate character of your whip may be seen and with use: change and bend.

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