6 Poems from Robin M Eames

By | 1 May 2019
crip mythic

my body is not my body
     but a metaphor in someone else’s mouth
a curse, a broken destiny, a terrible doom
a disappointment
     my body is a fate worse than death
for those who have never fought off death
to live in my body
     in the half-light of morning my body hallucinates
warped figures in shadow, oracular warnings
my body answers enquiries
hidden behind ciphers
drugfucked & divine
     my body is an aching heart
a spectre of someone it hurts to recall
i am all grandfathers
all elderly parents, the occasional aunt
or sibling struck down by disease
haunting the text
     you forget that i live in the ghost
i am here, if you look closely
buried beneath the page
     my body survives
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