Robin M Eames

Robin M Eames is a queer crip punk poet who is only mostly dead. Their work has been published by Archer, Junkee, Red Room Poetry, Strange Horizons, GlitterShip, and Luna Station Quarterly. They live on Gadigal land. You can find them online at @robinmarceline.


There are only 2 genders: the SEX DISCRIMINATION ACT & the 2013 amendment to the SEX DISCRIMINATION ACT
 There are only 3 genders: AFAB (assigned female at birth) AMAB (assigned male at birth) & ACAB (all cops are bastards) There …

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curb cut cartography

i. CNR PIPER ST SOUTH & TRAFALGAR ST the trailing end of november is filled with medical appointments followed by house parties hosted by mates who live around the corner from my doctor whose practice is heritage listed thus preventing …

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