Robin M Eames

Robin M Eames is a queercrip poet and historian living on Gadigal land. Their work has been published in Overland, Meanjin, Voiceworks, and Deaf Poets Society, among others.


In the dawn I find everything I don’t want to say aloud bright shadows meandering through uncanny air all silences pour out of me & puddle somewhere unseen my heart empties & fills with something else: the weight of history …

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6 Poems from Robin M Eames

Through my writing, I am speaking to something larger than myself. I write in conversation with trans, mad,crip, and sex worker communities, and with all other marginalised peoples whose struggles are bound up with my own.

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There are only 2 genders: the SEX DISCRIMINATION ACT & the 2013 amendment to the SEX DISCRIMINATION ACT
 There are only 3 genders: AFAB (assigned female at birth) AMAB (assigned male at birth) & ACAB (all cops are bastards) There …

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curb cut cartography

i. CNR PIPER ST SOUTH & TRAFALGAR ST the trailing end of november is filled with medical appointments followed by house parties hosted by mates who live around the corner from my doctor whose practice is heritage listed thus preventing …

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