Dianne Cikusa

Dianne Cikusa was born in Australia in 1973 and grew up in Sydney. She attended the University of Wollongong, completing there a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and a Graduate Diploma in Arts. Continuing a specialisation in modern languages, she later graduated with a Diploma of Language Studies from the University of Sydney, majoring in French. Dianne's writing has been published in various online journals, print magazines, poetry zines and other anthologies. In addition, Dianne was a contributor of digital poetry, publicly displayed in Federation Square at the Melbourne Overload Poetry Festival (2010). Hope and Substance (Mignon Press, 2015) is her first full-length work - available in print and digital format.


The fanatics were right, but with them all screaming within earshot I couldn’t grasp the edge under those words it looked like some sort of innovative seafood, mixed cocktail maybe and madeira cake What was that recipe? why won’t they …

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I am more empty

Pregnancy test,

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Do not place anything on top of your lover

The light flickers, And Derrida's graffiti asks: when our eyes touch, is it night or is it day? Our tongues are now maple syrup the colour of god's hair or something I give him marks at least for genuine attention. …

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We did a few drawings

Can you remember our guest in this empty house? the room humid with cooking cotton, Its illusions are fully furnished, since the windows filled with milk blast of glass waste banking up for airless weeks. The money spider crosses a …

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historian: this body of work to be studied Or it can be something else entirely. As the key sticks I can't write, the story i'm lacking a train route and just filling out the questionnaire / in the yoga class, …

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Moving Statue

successful poetry began with the Star of David his caricature stood in the middle of a fountainhead, darting between shadows and flickers of saints, stitching sinners into dishonest possessions Patches of light would perambulate the fringes of stealth and supposition …

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Caracol (Snail)

menacing Persons, left behind the shadow of their passive insensitivity [crushed housing] Regards, city-siders we accept your delirious ovation, and neatly recite      leatherbound policy on behalf of those greased morsels who never owned a voice to publicise the anguish of …

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