Walter Menezes

Walter Menezes has two books in Konkani to his credit, Koddu Sonvsar ani her kotha (1987), a collection of short stories, and Zoit ani her kovita (2008), a collection of poems. He co-produced Zoit-achim Fulam, a Konkani audio album consisting of 8 poems from the poetry book set to music by Elick Vaz. He has contributed over 100 comic strips to Gomantak Times, Goa under the title, Out Of My Mind.

(My) Uncle’s Bullock-cart | Mamageli Boilam Gaddi

Translated from the Konkani to the English by Walter Menezes Here’s my uncle’s bullock-cart Powered by Mhalu and Balu, ever smart The bells around their neck Awakening villages along the track Through dense forests and flora Of the Pandavas of …

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