Vidya Rajan

Vidya Sai Rajan is a writer, comedian and performance-maker working across stage, screen and online space. She has recently worked with Malthouse, Belvoir, The Blue Room, Red Stitch and Artshouse, and her work has recently appeared in APJ, Red Room, Mcsweeney’s, Cordite, Liminal, Scum Mag amongst others.

Untitled Wild Geese Game

[sorry Mary Oliver] [sorry House House] you do not have to be good (you are horrible) you do not have to walk on your knees (you have no knees) (your feet are webbed) for a hundred miles, through the desert …

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knock, knock. who’s there? your mum.

your mother is a shopping cart in a newly-paved parking lot, a little apart (see there) from the other shopping carts. and behind that cart is a big old car, and that is your mother also, now that she’s older …

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the anarchists of hyde park (and my dad)

there’s a bee sting that draws dave’s palm back he waves it out there in the open air and then sucks on the puff of jelly skin though you know that’s not gonna help dave is burly big his beard’s …

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