Vicki Viidikas

Vicki Viidikas (1948-1998) was born to an Estonian father and an Australian mother in Sydney, New South Wales. She left school at the age of fifteen and began writing. She joined the Balmain group of poets who pushed the literary boundaries. Her writing based on personal experiences became her passion and her voice. In 1967 ‘At East Balmain’ became her first poem to be published. Four books which comprise both fiction and poetry followed: Condition Red (1973), Wrappings (1974), Knabel (1978) and India Ink (1984). All met with critical acclaim and over time Viidikas has become a much anthologised and influential writer. In 1975, Stephen Wallace directed a short film entitled Break Up from the short story ‘Getting it all Together’ published in Wrappings. More recently, her work was remembered in two ABC radio broadcasts, Vicki’s Voice in 2005 and Feathers/Songs/Scars in 2008 produced by Robyn Ravlich. During her writing career Vicki travelled widely, living on and off in India. Her interest in Indian life and culture was reflected in her writings, particularly India Ink. A tribute to Vicki was held at the Sydney Writers Festival in May 2010, with the release of Vicki Viidikas - New and Rediscovered (Transit Lounge 2010). She continued to write prolifically up until her untimely death on the 27 November 1998.

They Always Come

When they have taken away the childish laughter and dog-eared books, peeled off the last much embrace, given the girl her lipsticks, hair rinses and pills When they have poured back the drinks as long as empty deserts, returned the …

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