Vasile Baghiu

Vasile Baghiu is the author of seven collections of poems, including The Taste of Alienation, The Manner, The Sanatorium’s Ghost and Depression. He has also published a collection of short stories—Departure Point—and three novels: The Hospice, Plans in Life and Happiness under Limits. He was awarded the Aurel Dumitraşcu Prize and the Prize of the Romanian Union of Writers, and is known for coining the poetic concept of 'chimerism'.

4 Translated Vasile Baghiu Poems

The following four poems have been selected from two volumes of poetry: Rătăcirile Doamnei Bovary [Madame Bovary’s Wanderings] and Cât de departe am mers [How Far We’ve Gone], published in 1996 and 2008 respectively.

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