Tom Raworth

Writer, artist, teacher, and publisher Tom Raworth was born in South London. As founder of Matrix Press and cofounder of Goliard Press, Raworth was instrumental in bringing an entire tradition of American poetry to English readers. Promoting the work of a number of poets associated with the Black Mountain School, including Edward Dorn, Robert Creeley, and Charles Olson. Raworth’s own work has also been identified with the Black Mountain School. He has written over 40 collections of poetry, among them The Relation Ship (1969), winner of the Alice Hunt Bartlett Prize, and more recently Eternal Sections (1993), Tottering State: Selected Poems 1965–1983 (1984), the 500-plus page Collected Poems (2003), Writing: Poems 1980–2003 (2005), and Windmills in Flames: Old and New Poems (2010).

Emptiness Ringed by Fire

hold on to your fingers righteous light here then not a place redoubt redoubled which shoes bombs mixing down grew up quickly death dream leaves blood powdery dribble lingers these shoes

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