Tim Gaze

Tim Gaze is exploring new paths in the arts of writing. His books include 100 Scenes (asemic editions/Transgressor), noology (Arrum Press), writing (xPress(ed)) and the 12-handed collaboration A Kick in the Eye (CreateSpace). Venues such as Abstract Comics: The Anthology (Fantagraphics), The Last Vispo (Fantagraphics), Tuli & Savu, Zeszyty Komiksowe, Otoliths, Unusual Work and SLOVA have published his visual poetry, abstract comics, essays and so on. He is editor of Asemic magazine and co-edited An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting (Uitgeverij). Gaze is currently working on sound poetry, and studying Linguistics at Adelaide University. Walking and music are important sources of inspiration to him. He lives in the Adelaide Hills.

Punk Calligraphy: A Primer on Asemic Writing and Scribbles

Growing up in Australia, I learned to associate the word ‘calligraphy’ with what is beautiful, perfect, virtuosic handwriting. However, there are other ways to interpret calli – the beauty – of handwriting. Punk calligraphy is my term for unhindered explorations of handwriting.

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