Tiggy Johnson

Tiggy Johnson began telling tales as a youngster when she told her mum her brother had hit her. With maturity, she developed skills to make stuff up that doesn't necessarily come true. Her science degree and past life as an insurance loss adjuster did little to prepare her for her work as a stay-at-home mother, writer, family historian, past editor of literary magazine Page Seventeen and most recently, small-business woman, one of three owners of Charm Packed. Her short story collection 'Svetlana or Otherwise' was released in 2008 and her poetry collection 'First taste' in 2010. Tiggy lives south of Brisbane with her husband, Bryden, and their children, Hamish, Claudia and Dylan.


for Nana I would have liked to have known you then before you served in the war when your parents were alive before you        married                             divorced                             had kids                                            watched one die. I would have liked to have seen you smile like …

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[audio:] Solitaire (2:42)

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for Claudia     groove carved in your brow you consider the motion of your fingers – splayed first, then curling, two at a time to a loose fist a moment earlier your head jerked back, face crumpled, perplexed by …

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Skydiving With Elephants

He looked at me like I'd just suggested he go tandem skydiving with an elephant as his instructor, then shook his head, swivelled his chair around, resumed tapping at keys. I shrugged, said 'what?', rolled my chair over beside him. …

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Daddy’s Girl

for craig       in the lead up to today your fifth birthday daddy's been trying not to imagine the anticipation of your first day at school last year he pictured you throwing first a ball with your cousins …

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Acid Wash

          I saw Pete Thompson thirty-four days ago and can't shake the image from my mind. He didn't look much different to the days when I learned to hate him ?± except the beer gut. His blond hair had lost the …

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