Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore, born 1958, is a writer/musician currently residing in London. Founder of experimental rock group Sonic Youth and publisher/editor of imprints Flowers & Cream and Ecstatic Peace Library. Moore teaches summer writing workshop at Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado USA. Solo recordings under his own name include Psychic Hearts, Trees Outside the Academy, Demolished Thoughts, Chelsea Light Moving and Detonation. Embrace love kindness eternal.


Ah let’s do new where scarabs click Resonant dust from hashish headlight Forever dream thing sweeps through high brocade And mind is central, serene, lavender mists With a sucker punch below the graft, Below a mortar and pestle imprimatur — …

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In the constant tramline motion of his trainers He took the third and added a choice amendment To their wish fulfilment; but don’t doubt he loved — He did, big time and strong, the tall buildings wavering. Sneaker rocker ripping …

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