S J Finn

S J Finn's poems have appeared in Cordite Poetry Review, Snorkel, The Green Fuse, Rabbit and The Age. 'War Through the TV' was published in The Best Australian Poems 2010. 'Bylaw' was long-listed for the International University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor's Prize, and 'The Judgement' was highly commended in The Lord Mayor's Writing Awards. 'A Morning Shot' was long-listed in The Peter Porter Prize 2020.

High Straight Trunk

All morning she counts the beat of crickets until the grass makes a noise like scrunched paper. Ants take a turn over the hump of her foot. Heat curls the air away from trees and the call of a shrike …

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It’s the long hair, untenably straight, and the swinging eye, like a moon losing orbit. There has always been trouble brewing – rising to a knot and then smoothing off like a yacht setting sail for a trip around the …

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Sweet Goodnights

From the taxi your head spills Followed by your stomach I wait, my eyes skirting Reading the watchful night Broth mist breathing, descending You pull up, groan, your wild eye happy enough Now that you're fixed to an address The …

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The paint has stuck on A swollen smile And then you smile Your teeth glow sticks in your ashen chimney mouth And you clearly say what you need Which is a shock as you smile again The fumes rolling across …

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