Sharon Du

Sharon Du is a Han Chinese person who was raised on unceded Wurundjeri land. They are currently studying at Yale Law School.

Emergency Exit

It’s not as if I don’t remember anything of our werewolf months. The shipwrecked femur, sticky dark. Now it’s just some scenery thawing, and the edges have grown a little wisteria – bruised foam, some freshwater light. And in the …

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Days of Heaven

Two weeks ago, I watched “Days of Heaven” at Suns Cinema. There were some real locusts, some just peanut shells. The film was made from shards of three years, so it looked like memory – the memory of weddings, the …

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Sidereal Period

It’s March. There’s sunlight again, which has come to consider us. It’s not as if I wished for it. There are whole days without volition. Nothing is too tall in Washington D.C., no buildings want me to look at them. …

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In some galleries I’ve visited, people who don’t know what to say to a painting might murmur, “It must be hard to do that.” Perhaps that’s all you meant back then, that suffering was something, after all. The truth is, …

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