Shane Strange

Shane Strange lives in Canberra. His writing has appeared in various print and on line journals, including Overland, Griffith Review, Burley and Verity La. He is currently studying at the University of Canberra, where he also tutors and lectures in Creative Writing.

5 Translated Yosuke Tanaka Poems

Image courtesy of The High Window. For a Person Suffering from Air-Conditioning Syndrome Because Japan is located at the edge of Asia you can enjoy great soup noodles there Let’s start with that as an introduction When you enter a …

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Youth are firing off in the park. Dark laughter over the sound of cars on the arterial. Wave forms. We lie in undress, hot, meaty, wondering if we will sleep. Our thoughts away in youth maybe. Or in roadsides. Or …

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Ceramics, Japan

1. Hosomi Museum A porcelain bowl on purple cloth. A milky blue eye at its base. A box to carry it in. 2. Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka The meiping vase shaped like a lover’s hip (celadon in pale blue, …

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Uses of Poetry VIII

You begin service in an unnamed base in the Nevada desert about an hour from Las Vegas. You fly unmanned airborne vehicles over countries in the Middle East and Africa with the purpose of making poetry of enemies of your …

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Focus Pulling

In the economy of flesh, shame has no tender— it is the first thing to go And, you know, self-flagellation, if done correctly, provides a gravity to which loose bodies accrue. So, the calculation arrives unbidden—a balance of junky cunning: …

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