Sayantan Das

Sayantan Das is Assistant Professor at the Department of Comparative Literature and the Coordinator of the Centre for Translation of Indian Literature (CENTIL), Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Among his numerous books are Happily Ever After: Bangla Stories of Marital Magic, Misunderstanding and Misadventure (Grassroots 2007), Shyam Selvadurai: Texts and Contexts (Worldview Publications 2007), A South Asian Nationalism Reader (Worldview Publications 2007), Indian Literature: A Study in Historiography (Jadavpur University 2006) and A Season of Stories (Jadavpur University 2003).

Chandalini’s Poem | চণ্ডালিনীর কবিতা

Translated from the Bangla to the English by Sayantan Das I leave behind these marshes and jungles, The people of the jungle, Leave behind the river The forest trail Far away to my own people Who shed blood and sweat …

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