Sara Larsen

Sara Larsen is a poet, living in Oakland, California. Her newest book is All Revolutions Will Be Fabulous, from Printing Press. Another full-length book, Merry Hell, is forthcoming from Atelos Press in 2016. She has performed her work widely including at The Berkeley Art Museum, Grace Cathedral, LitQuake, and at Multifarious Array in NYC. Over the course of two years, she and David Brazil published more than 60 issues of the seminal literary zine Try Magazine. Chapbooks include NOVUS, A,a,a,a,a, The Hallucinated, Merry Hell and After Sappho.

from Merry Hell

Helen was a girl as her mother healed a grub who crawls out of an eggshell daughter to Leda whose beauty THEY SAY “also cost her” what’s the cost of living in a female body ? of bathing in a …

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