Ryan Prehn

Ryan Prehn is a Worimi writer and poet living in Narrm. Current trends and projections of Australia's social and political climates are wrinkling his nose. He thinks he is unemployed.

gilayn manday (high tide)

gilayn manday (high tide) manifest as tears, he finally came my spirit was drenched in him like he come up to hug a brother this bingay (older brother), him quenched a thirst vengeful sated scorching anger girambit (salt-water) salving sorrow, …

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ante meridiem

            The stranger grimaces, decries amateur orchestration, prescribes humoral amelioration, statim! Anorexique a’la cygne noir! Splenetic retch periodically ejects whence ennui claims           fount, and apathy fills rococo-chalice measures to brim.                     Motorists, motoring in their cars, carrying, I suppose,           regular folk: …

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