Ryan Dobran

Ryan Dobran lives in Burlington, VT. His most recently published book of poems is a brief, red pamphlet, Story One (2014). Other works include: Remote Carbon (Critical Documents), Shouts from OK Glamour (Barque Press), and Confection (Face Press), among others. He is co-editor of Glossator: Practice and Theory of the Commentary and recent scholarly projects include articles on Ezra Pound and J.H. Prynne, lyric composition and theory, and the collected correspondence of Charles Olson and J.H. Prynne (forthcoming).

Fantasy Index

In the past, you are a cocaine-laced nougat lozenge iridescently cascading down the mouth of a cold war dictator’s single-toothed intern, itself having been beaten by the authorities so frequently and with such relish that this host has absorbed several …

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