Rose Hunter

Rose Hunter's book of poetry, glass, was published by Five Islands Press in 2017, and her next book of poetry, Anchorage, is forthcoming from Haverthorn Press (UK, 2020). More information about her can be found at

Circus Poem

a brothel run out of an apartment (high-rise on Eglington those places were asking to be busted, basically, the neighbours don’t like it); I only worked there a few shifts, later I saw it in the paper but for some …

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what i’m          , you                    what i’m          of in                    of you the          in which i                     please                    me how we          at each other sometimes it’s true i’m just          no one else           it either all this       mostly your                 , of course back then i          to          at                    .                     all about          like          a          of your own          . the          between us          to a          . a whole                    . …

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Fifteen Façades

i. things you say, when corner of primavera and invierno and you, in black and white and you, all sunglassed up lintel on crumbling adobe jagged shore line and is a facade something for saying here, look, again ii. through …

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but we didn’t have more time but we were there then but you said it’s no good we needed more time on the 76 on the 200 grilling me as to questions who am i and if i don’t know …

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3 Lost Men

on guerrero the lost man & lite reign oil ling. the cob bil stones & i wan ted 2 no did he think how shock king 2 dy a lone inn the woods as opp. posed 2 watt, inn a …

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The Cutting

      Waiting for the bus down the road from the Freemont Street Experience is like enacting the first scene from The Power and the Glory, with Tench trudging to the port for his ether. You keep forgetting why you're there, and …

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