Robert Lumsden

Robert Lumsden lives in South Australia and has published poetry in several anthologies and a number of magazines and journals including, most recently, Cordite Poetry Review and Australian Poetry Journal, fiction (Sojourn, Magus Digital, 2012), and academic work, including a study of the relation between reading and self fashioning (Reading Literature after Deconstruction, Cambria, 2009). He has recently completed a fourth play and is currently working on a novel.


i.m. Ric to lose is to be in the game Waking to anger hauling that fire through the day every day bloody tongues licking the crater frozen by courtesy he thinks: there must be millions like me. If you made …

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Goodbye, the Dream

While in spectral communication with some illustrious friends the other night, I felt bound to inform them that we’d all moved on so far in 2014 this year of anyone’s lord that their views on this and that (also, the …

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