Robert Juan Kennard

Robert Juan Kennard currently lives on Cammeraygal land and studies creative writing at Western Sydney University. His work has appeared in SBS Voices, the Ultimo Prize and the Unyoked Writers' Anthology.


after sylvia & tina I look for you in the crinkle pop blister foiled two moon mournings after I swallow third eyes mahler’s fourth vision of heaven waiting and just like that puckered rings toll bells, wake the love parade. …

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Solstice 2.0

At this time, we feast the son mammal-fed, citronella after dark, little fires the oldest light in the world. At this time, we ask who we are, and movement answers first person— I was busy; oblations or ablutions for the …

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Privileging Space

We understand no love that is not in excess – Urvi Kumbhat My sister. Manang. Kumusta? It has been a moment and I know you still feel stanzas in words fearing they will take us back to a federation where …

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They told me as a toddler with fat on each side of my tongue, swaddled between ate Cathy and tita Adoracion, that I should be bitten between a thumb and index because I was gigil na gigil talaga *** Gigil, …

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