Robbie Coburn

Robbie Coburn is a Melbourne-based poet. His work has appeared in places such as Poetry, Meanjin, Island and Westerly, and his collection The Other Flesh is forthcoming from UWA Publishing.


We’re not in wonderland anymore, Alice. – Charles Manson 
 Many of us gathered here, silent beyond reflection. Heavy breath, your instructions that weigh too much, the stained grains beneath this carpet of knives  buried in the Californian desert. I want more of …

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To a Dead Poet

Charles Buckmaster 1951-1972 a variation of waiting nothing coming and the day it is darker now Woodstock. Gruyere. (Willochra) abolished bastards of the trap a presence appears like a snare apparitions are hallucinogenic pulses ABSTRACTIONS RISE the seed of god …

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