Rina Kikuchi

Rina Kikuchi is an Associate Professor at Shiga University, Japan. She has an MA in comparative literature from the University of Warwick and a PhD in contemporary Irish poetry from Chiba University, for which she conducted a year of research at Trinity College, Dublin. She is a visiting fellow at ANU and the University of Canberra, and is currently working with Canberra-based poets on an anthology of translations of poetry by contemporary Japanese women.

3 Translated Takako Arai Poems

Takako Arai (1966 —) was born into a silk-weaving family in Kiryū city, Gunma Prefecture, on the outskirts of Tokyo. She began publishing poems in the early 1990s, and since 1998 has run a poetry magazine, Mi’Te, which features poems, translations and poetry criticism. Her second poetry collection, Tamashii Dansu (Soul Dance) was published in 2007, and received the Oguma Hideo Poetry Prize.

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