Ralph Fonte

Ralph Fonte is a poet and physician from Metro Manila. His works have appeared in various publications such as LIRA 30, Philippines Graphic, and Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. He has also won several awards for his poetry including a Palanca Award and a Maningning Miclat Poetry Award. In 2019, Ralph was crowned Performance Poet of the Year at the Performatura Poetry Slam held by the Cultural Center of the Philippines. He has also performed poetry on various stages across Southeast Asia and currently hosts ANG SABI NILA, a monthly poetry night that seeks to collapse the perceived divide between the page and the stage. He writes primarily in Tagalog.

Another Gospel of Fire

When there’s nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire —Stars, Your Ex Lover Is Dead The one thing you’ll regret is not setting the world on fire yourself. Here we are, young and attractive, poetic, even, …

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