Raju Ramesh

Raju Ramesh has been a Permanent Resident in Singapore for the past 20 years, working in the IT field and indulging in classical and modern Tamil poetry. He has been associated with Tamil poetry groups such as Kavimaalai Singapore, Thangameen etc. In 2015, he was awarded the Kavimaalai Singapore Young poet award, and in 2016 won first prize in both the Tamil Language Festival poetry competition organised by the Singapore Indian Association, as well as the National Poetry Festival Competition. He is also the double recipient of the Honorary prize in the Singapore Golden Point Award from NAC. His works have been published in local Tamil dailies and magazines, and he is currently working on translations in Tamil and English.

Soil of Purpose | மண் பயனுற

Do away with plastic flowers Spray no poison in the wide field Avoid the fruit untouched by insects Ward off the factories’ smog Cleave not the atom’s core Build not on estuary sand For the soil to prosper There is …

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