P S Cottier

P S Cottier lives in Canberra, a city manufactured in a lab, from sundry bits. Inspired by her environs, she constructs monstrous poetry quite regularly, and is partial to the occasional gnome. She posts many new poems at, and edited The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry with Tim Jones.

The creature runs through the Arctic ice, pursued by Dr Frankenstein

What have these blunt fingers touched what made this heart beat faster in the flesh chest that grew it? Before they became mine: became the motley coat that is me? Did this palm stroke softer flesh in reciprocal love? My …

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A Hard Poem to Market

This poem does not have a spacious deck for entertaining after a hard day’s reading itself. It lacks a million dollar view of surrounding majestic mountains, or even filtered sea glimpses. A poem like this boasts no walk-in wardrobes, parents’ …

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P.S. Cottier Reviews Mark Pirie

While waiting for this book to arrive, I found myself wondering what the best known cricket poem in the world might be. I’d say that it’s still the absurdly patriotic ‘Vitai Lampada’ by Henry Newbolt.

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