Pip Smith

Pip Smith Pip Smith was named a Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Novelist for her debut novel, Half Wild, and won the inaugural Helen Ann Bell award for her first collection of poetry, Too Close for Comfort. She has had poetry and short fiction published in Meanjin, Island, and other Australian literary journals and teaches creative writing for the Faber Academy and Writing NSW.

7 month sleep regression

a tiredness like a concrete boulder grinding the optic nerve. the ayes have it. the green eyes of potatoes glowing in the dark. outside the window: leaves move like fingers of the dead. waving, drowning, possums rumble in the undergrowth. …

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On the 36th Floor

we are on par with thunder. The clouds are switched to reverse, hoovering steam from the craniums of CEOs. They’re holding shit together just beneath the spires of sky-scrapers, channelling gold-fever, sucking lifts up shafts with every morning coffee- run. …

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