Peter Rose

Peter Rose’s new poetry collection, The Subject of Feeling, will be published by UWA Publishing in July 2015.

Days and Distance

So many years ago. Cruel to dislodge them like moss in a rockery. From the plane a vasty view. First, stretched dawn like a pink elaboration. Then, on descent, sinking and buffeted (you leaning over me, whispering, closer), something called …

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The Victoria Markets

Storm over the old mart, closed these two hours. Slick on bitumen reflects eruptive cloud. After editorial days I go out for late beer, admire the frenzied workers. It is like a military operation, our vegetable Dunkirk. Having come from …

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Hard to believe perhaps, but Catullus is not without magnanimity – whatever people say. Nervy Quintius sits up all night drafting an exquisite apology, one demanding new feats of masochism. Otherwise, Quintius is convinced, Catullus will trash his latest eclogues …

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