Paul Summers

Paul Summers a Northumbrian poet who lives in Central Queensland. His poems have appeared widely in print for over three decades and he has performed his work all over the world. A founding co-editor of the ‘leftfield’ magazines Billy Liar and Liar Republic, he has also written for TV, film, radio, theatre and collaborated many times with artists and musicians on mixed-media projects and public art. He won Northern Arts Writers Awards in 1995 and 1998 and a Northern Writers Award in 2008. Collections include: Union, Three Men on the Metro, Big Bella’s Dirty Cafe, Cunawabi and The Last Bus. A new collection, primitive cartography, is due from Walleah Press in August 2013.


dawn unleashes her molten hoard a lucent slick assailing land 2 snakebirds wrought from whitby jet incise its skin to break their fast a boat named hope is coaxed from sleep she clears her throat her bilges spit a shoal …

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just as she begins to speak, a blade of molten light lays down to bleach an airless veranda’s feathered teak. the first for weeks to breach this cage of crooked laths. beneath the tongues of drooling palms, a flemish flake …

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the kings of sorrow

the drizzle strips the palette bare, as blank & as fragile as methuselah’s hair. the kings of sorrow face down the waves & stare, their weary eyes relinquish care; like gods invoked in the white-lead glare of a guiltless sun …

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white-browed babbler, red-necked warbler, whiteface, colonial cuckoo, white-eared monarchist, black gin leap, dry-throated spite, hooded judge, unmasked confederate, sanctioned violator, grog, god & rifle, abaddon’s firetail, red-eyed petrol-sniffer, bearded supremacist, off-shore process, palsied apologist, freckled denier, muted dissenter, lesser acknowledged, …

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