Pam Brown

Pam Brown is a Sydney poet living on unceded Gadigal land. Her most recent book of poems is click here for what we do (Vagabond Press, 2018).

Blue or White

cento for Kate Fagan the world was a little darker before it was blue brilliant as nowhere special to go you could try double blinds machines parody all future empires say goodbye to the supermarket. unbearable authority makes me dizzy …

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in two hundred and fifty thousand years my sludge of waste might lose its poison but nothing’s set in stone except the joy and anguish of being here with one week to practice what we believe but can we sleep …

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What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

a revhead full of vodka slushies, fading bling, the schlock of the old. just don’t hand over the car keys. sampling a fizz of schweppervescence I think of us, you and me, our lifetime lack of fancy salaries. on a …

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More than a feuilleton

the experienced world hasn’t been the world itself for a long time now & now we want to see the world as we want it to be * who’s speaking, saying this about the ‘world’? what ‘world’? * a cute …

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Pam Brown’s Sydney Poetry in the 70s: In Conversation with Corey Wakeling

Pam Brown is not only one of Australia’s most prolific and important poets writing today, but also one of our richest archives on the history of late twentieth century Australian poetry. Since this is Cordite’s Sydney issue, I thought an interview with her might evince a valuably multifarious image of, perhaps, Australia’s most speedily shifting poetic landscape.”

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where’s my donkey : thursday evening catch the train, seagulls circling Central Station catch a bus pick up a paint chart, at the gallery – Korea and Kinglake photography exhibitions (different) a very thin man in Oxford Street in red …

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Pam Brown Live at the Globe

[audio:] Pam Brown live at The Globe bookstore (11:24) Prague, 15 April 2009.

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Pam Brown reviews Miriel Lenore

In the Garden by Miriel Lenore Wakefield Press, 2007 In response to the effects of global climate change, and probably informed by earlier exponents like natural historian Henry David Thoreau, Rachel Carson, Aldo Leopold, Eric Rolls and so on, the …

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Eve N. Malley: Tossed grubs

EVE N. MALLEY is a prominent Melbourne-born bon vivant and poet who once earned her living as John and Sunday Weed's kitchen hand. She has published monographs on cooking, sex, gardening, comic books and art. She is currently writing a study of love poetry of the 1950s. Eve N. Malley lives, these days, in the Cotswolds.

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Where Am I?

a sheet of pills slips from the drawer to the floor not near a radio can't operate the dvd player, don't understand the digital box, (do I care ?) air, breeze and leaf (someone else's window) tinge the time (someone …


Café Filmo

the Italians go to Starbucks – beam me up biscotti. Pasolini, the charmer, orders decaf. last century Federico Fellini made films as if everyone loved films that was the gift, the key. Pier Paolo filmed like someone who'd never been …



that's nature for you — worried by a whip-bird, bitten and blotched by all the different bugs and nanobac that we find inside the hut, the weekender, the cabin in the haven. the shady scenic-route lookout marks the place that …