Nori Nakagami

Nori Nakagami (1971, Japan) grew up in the suburbs of Tokyo before attending high school in California and university in Hawaii, where she earned a degree in Art History. Returning to Tokyo, she began writing fiction and creative non-fiction. She has since published fifteen books, including her first novel Kanojo no Prenka (1999), which won the Subarau literary award, and her most recent volume, Tales of Kumano (2009). She continues to write serialized fiction and essays for various magazines and newspapers in Japan, and she teaches at Musashino University and Nihon University. She also coordinates the annual summer seminar at Kumano Daigaku Institute, co-founded by her late father, the celebrated Japanese author Kenji Nakagami. A Fellow of the 2002 University of Iowa International Writing Program, she received the Wakayama prefecture Cultural Contribution Award in 2006.

Nori Nakagami’s ‘Dragon’s Egg’

A dragon lives in your heart. It coils around the man you love. It protects him. It will never release him, not until he meets his end. In time it will birth the world and everything that lives. This world …

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