Nathaniel Mackey

Nathaniel Mackey’s most recent poetry collection is Double Trio (New Directions, 2021), a boxed set of three new books: Tej Bet, So’s Notice and Nerve Church. He is also the author of an ongoing prose work, From a Broken Bottle Traces of Perfume Still Emanate, whose fifth and most recent volume is Late Arcade (New Directions, 2017), and of two books of criticism, the most recent of which is Paracritical Hinge: Essays, Talks, Notes, Interviews (University of Wisconsin Press, 2005; second edition: University of Iowa Press, 2018). He is the editor of the literary magazine Hambone; coeditor, with Art Lange, of the anthology Moment's Notice: Jazz in Poetry and Prose (Coffee House Press, 1993); and coeditor, with Michael Bough, Kent Johnson and others, of the anthology Resist Much / Obey Little: Inaugural Poems to the Resistance (Dispatches Editions/Spuyten Duyvil, 2017). His honors include the National Book Award for poetry, the Stephen Henderson Award from the African American Literature and Culture Society, a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize from the Poetry Foundation, and the Bollingen Prize for American Poetry from the Beinecke Library at Yale University. He is the Reynolds Price Distinguished Professor of Creative Writing at Duke University.

Song of the Andoumboulou: 304

To be bled into by this or that borderless event while the birds were away, the very ones that were never not there. They had flown the fall of Troy, what Huff had been call- ing the fall of Troy, …

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