Natalie Rose Dyer

Natalie Rose Dyer currently lectures and supervises higher research degree students in the creative writing program at The University of Melbourne. She is the recipient of The Peter Steele Poetry Award 2021. Her poetry and essays are widely published in esteemed international literary journals including Meanjin Quarterly, Australian Poetry, Cordite Poetry Review, The University of Canberra Vice-Chancellors Anthology, Chiron Review, Wisconsin Review and many more. Her book Notes on a Wild Fluidity was published with Palgrave (November, 2020). Natalie is currently working on a book of memoir essays on feminist activism, wandering and ecology.

Wolf Blooms

The morning is a thought field ignited by bird lark; a river of cerebration. I contemplate horse skins of light––the marigold sun through a prism of glass. One child emerges, then another. Their soporific faces reveal a discernment. I take …

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Order of Birds

First are Kookaburras tipping sun into a saucer of algid earth, into ghostly looms of morning, slipping a cure into our sleeping mouths. The dream world thrashes out scenarios of human desire, subjugation, subsides to the libertarian musings of birds …

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Dressing for Paradise

I remember that time I held my mother’s hand led her across the parkland temporarily blinded, her infected conjunctiva spindly red; burst open veins squirrelled about her white opal hemisphere or sclera, her iris brown green with a lint of …

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