Nadia Kim

Nadia Kim is a queer poet/student/writer from Australia, currently completing an MA in Writing and Literature. Her writing has been published in Bossy, Underground and Stylus Lit, among others. Her poem 'Alessandra' was highly commended in the 2017 Judith Wright Poetry Prize. She asks that in lieu of flowers you seize the means of production.


Be certain and work that grammar Of real world experience, of obfuscation. For self-considered bareness Every vulgar scandal stamp’d a spirit. Thirdly: the fiction is now—poly-visual, History, multi-tabbed. “: turned. ” ~with <alt> and markup. We want punctuation in you! …

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I ♥ Newcastle

We’d run, eyes closed, holding hands, through mountain-misted Blackbutt. Cyclones of bats over the pond at dusk swooped for dragonflies and crickets. Our bare legs scratched by tall native grass. The sweaty smell of humus welcoming our musk. But you …

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