Mykaela Saunders

Mykaela Saunders is a Koori and Lebanese writer, teacher, community researcher, and performer. Of Dharug ancestry, and working-class and queer, she belongs to the Bundjalung community of Tweed Heads. She lives on Boon Wurrung land in Melbourne’s west.

Small witch, a shield

young girl pretends she is witch she is healer stalks round the yard out the front of her house silver ghost gum combs itself through the air small earth witch conjures spells in the dirt summons grimoires from deep in …

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For Cops Who Stalk Children on Houso Estates

dear mister cop, don’t come stand near us or we’ll get a flogging none of us want you here so please get away don’t ask who’s in our houses, talking to our parents ‘IT’S NONE OF YA FUCKEN BUSINESS,’ my …

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Grandmother Ghosts

In country towns I search the faces of men: young and old For familiar reflections My grandmother never lived long enough to know me Small brown woman, cheekbones look fist-proof in this sienna photo I carry Where she once walked …

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