Misbah was born in Karachi Pakistan and now lives in Brisbane Australia. Her manuscript 'Rooftops in Karachi' was completed as part of her Masters in Poetry at U.Q last year. Her poems concern the intersections of mystical and geographical spaces where jinns, love-sick ghosts, suicidal creatures, and time-travelling relatives navigate through the streets of Punjab, Karachi, and Northern Pakistan. The work also looks at the interiority of space and the autonomy within people. Her work has been highly commended in the 2010 and 2011 Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize and appears also in Australia Poetry Journal and Mascara. She is currently planning a trip back to Pakistan to re-visit the places and people in her poems and most likely find poems among various ruins.

In response to police brutality against civilians

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The Freedom Fighter

In case you die and they don’t know whose side you are on, you have an identity card that states your distinguishing features, like the mole on your neck. At night you and your friends smoke hashish and then jump …

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