Metal Femme

Meta Femmeemerged from e-dialogue, with the online matrix being reworked to serve as a liminal space for brown trans/femmes with no space to occupy with our corporealities. META FEMME finds it pivotal to raise questions concerning continental rifts, diasporic trauma, and definitions of home through her critical approach in decolonial aesthetics, cultivating conversations about the tumultuous nature of futurity. They, lastly but not least, seek to upturn the (neo)colonial strife in this world by centring collective healing, validating emotion, and killing trauma in all its forms through her reconceptualisation of visual, auditory, and written art.

when there is no more hair left to raze

drones whoosh past adobe towers. they are black as some villagers’ hair, shining like freedom. drones serve daily reminders of a justice the occupied are alien to. militaries are ushered by silky yarns of missiles to tear hair off mothers …

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