Melinda Kallasmae

Melinda Kallasmae’s poems are published most recently in books such as Best Australian Poems 2014; The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry; and The Emma Press Anthologies of Motherhood, Dance and Age, and in literary journals including Cordite Poetry Review, Verandah and Tamba.

She meant vegan, of course

The little lady in Recovery Room had a gouty great toe – was nasty with ascending infection. Her foot was angry, but she seethed about Christmas spent with her daughter. ‘A bogan,’ she said. ‘It was a bogan Christmas.’ Disapproval …

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my grandfather said it’s good not to have to think about blinking or breathing blood gases sugars or supply to the brain it’s good not to have to remember to breathe in after you breathe out forget and you lose …

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Hansel’s Way

for Lisa J 1 ‘Breast?’ Birthday boy, Hansel (milk-coloured, three), lisped his request, hardly refused before then. But it seemed the world was turning on me – and my walking, talking suckling. ‘Will you breastfeed on his buck’s night?’ Jack’s …

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