Matthieu Baumier

Born in 1968, Matthieu Baumier is a French writer and author of published novels, essays and poetry. His poetry is featured in many reviews and magazines, including Agora (Spain), Ditch (Canada), Polja (Serbia), Poezjia magazine (Croatia), Word Riot (United States), Poetry Quarterly (E.U), The Literary Review (E.U), The Inflectionist Review (E.U), The Indian Review (India), The Linden Avenue Literary Journal (E.U), Sand (Berlin), Aufgabe (E.U), MadHat (EU) and 3:AM (EU).

Poems from Mystes

1. à Eva-Maria Berg Je suis né dans un pays de neiges et de cendres Pays où l’on n’arrive Jamais. Et que jamais, on ne quitte ni ne connaît Pays d’où personne ne vient, où le soleil croît en larmes …

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