Marikit Santiago

Marikit Santiago was born in Melbourne to Filipino migrants in 1985. She is currently living and working in Western Sydney in a multidisciplinary practice. She completed a Bachelor of Medical Science in 2007 before pursuing art in earnest, and has since attained a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Master of Fine Art from University of New South Wales Art & Design. She has participated in group shows since 2008 with a recent career highlight in her contribution in the 2017 Bayanihan Philippine Art Project and has also held solo shows since 2015 with two forthcoming solo exhibitions in 2018 at Verge and Firstdraft. Her academic achievements have been awarded in the Deans Award for her undergraduate degree and the Australian Postgraduate Award for her Masters degree. She has been selected as a finalist for numerous art prizes including the high-profile Archibald Prize in 2016. She was also selected to undertake a year-long residency at the Parramatta Artist Studios in 2017.

14 Works by Marikit Santiago

My practice examines a personal conflict of cultural plurality at the conjunction of Filipina ethnicity and Australian nationality. My work navigates the simultaneous sensations of acceptance and rejection of adopted and inherited cultures, which has been conditioned by autobiographical experiences within and between developed and developing worlds.

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